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150 Years Canada

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Tips for International Students

On Valentine’s Day I had dedicated Dr. Renuka Sengupta (My mom) Scholarship money of $500- $1500 ...

Peaceful Canada

Canada is once again among the Top 10 most peaceful countries in the world, according to ...

Why invest in Canada

If you are looking for a dynamic and prosperous country in which to invest, innovate, grow ...

Why study in Canada

Human quality, professional grade, resources of the most modern, permanent access to all the resources we need. A prestigious University in which all those involved in the educational process they are all interested in learning others. Begin your Journey Today. Depending on the field you follow, our University has signed partnerships with the private sector.


In these video you can find the profile of a student graduated from Canadian Universities. Who talk about their degrees and experience on camera. You can also contact former students who have studied in RRU or any other universities or colleges we work with, giving you the opportunity to hear personally from those with first-hand experience and who are in a unique position to answer your questions on their experiences prior to, during and since their time at the School.

Student Testimonial

Meet Officials

Malini Sengupta

Global Career Advisor

Seasoned HR & recruiting professional, career coach, global education advisor with diverse international experience. Partners with business leaders to identify and fulfill staffing and immigration process for foreign workers in technical and non-technical environments. Initiates, designs, and manages effective policies and systems leading to consistent and efficient processes.

An exceptional International Education Specialist and Immigration Consultant with proven accomplishments encompassing the fields of marketing, recruitment, admissions, student career advice and the development of strategic partnerships around the world.

Lived in, studied, worked and travelled throughout different countries within North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Further strengths includes fundraising, marketing campaigns and new initiatives management for community education and support new immigrants.

Presently, working as Global Career Advisor for Link2Future based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and taking care of the Indian and North American Market.

Li Cao

Director of International Education

Li Cao is a highly motivated, dexterous and goal oriented business professional with a degree of Mathematics and Statistics from Acadia University. Along with her 10+ years diverse experiences in different sectors of government and software companies, she also provides leadership and management for international student services, international recruitment, education abroad, and the English as a Second Language Institute.

She is full experience of fiscal and personnel management, strategic planning, fund development, and regulatory compliance related to international education. She plays a key role in international student recruitment and retention, and collaborates with other university offices to establish and update policies and procedures related to international education.

As a Director of International Education at Link2Future, she Leads and directs all aspects of the institution’s international programs, and oversees programs, activities, faculty affairs, and academic support services. She operates study abroad and foreign exchange programs, the international admissions process, and English language programs. She monitors student performance, meets regularly with families, and connects with school teachers. She serves as the point-of-contact for customers and manages Center operations to ensure quality and consistency of the customer experience.

Paige Huang

AVP (Asst Vice President), Client Servicing & Business Development

Yixuan (Paige) Huang has worked as a student adviser for the past 2 years at a local consultant company. She graduated from Queen’s University of Belfast in the UK. She had her master of Marketing in the last two years. She has rich experience for global education consulting. She thinks differently and good inter-personal skills are two key elements.

Presently, she working as AVP Client Servicing & Business Development for Link2Future Ltd a Canadian International Education and Employment Consulting Firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In addition, Yixuan (Paige) has valuable experience in education and other fields which will add value to her role such as communication and international trade. She likes to spend her free time reading and travelling.

Dodd Gilbert

Director of International Business

Dodd Gilbert’s background and experience is quite unique. He has progressively and consciously grew his career from law enforcement to education and immigration consulting. Dodd has well over 12 years of law enforcement experience while specializing in Fraud Investigation, Shrinkage Investigation, Risk Management and Public Safety.

Dodd has obtained two advanced diplomas, and holds Bachelor degrees in Forensic Investigation (Crime & Intelligence Analysis) from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Public Safety Administration from Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). Dodd is presently working on a Master of Emergency Management and Homeland Security from Arizona State University USA.

Presently, working as Director of International business for Link2Future Ltd a Canadian Immigration and International Education and Employment Consulting Firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dodd handles international investment services, and mentors youth. He is committed to furthering his own professional and educational skills to support academic and educational advancement for all.

Currently he practices as an immigration consultant that covers a full range of international students education, immigration and citizenship services. His goal is to work in a team to achieve the best outcome for his client’s needs.

SS Tosun

Business Strategy Adviser

As a business strategy adviser, mostly deal with developing business plans and procedures with a positive outcome. Have an extensive knowledge of ins and outs of various financial structures, outsourcing opportunities, public communications and competitive intelligence.
Researches and assesses the performance of a business or department to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This usually involves reading reports, interviewing key personnel and evaluating the competition. Identify specific problems or opportunities and develop plans to solve or take advantage of them.
Have a master’s degree in business and have more than 10 years of experience in business management.

Shabana Qasmi

Global Recruiter and Student Advisor

A dedicated professional with proficiency in mastering HR situations & highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of professional disciplines. I have strong knowledge in recruitment, employee relations, HR Operations, benefits management and performance management.

I have an excellent knowledge of working in international organizations which has been acquired by working in multinational companies like Macquaire, Mahindra Comviva and Louis Dreyfus Company. I have experience in setting up entire HR system and have been pivotal in streamlining various HR practices.

Masters in Human Resource Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Canada and Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in Accountancy from Calcutta University, India.
Presently working in Link2Future as Global Recruiter and Student Advisor, Vancouver, Canada.


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