Fairleigh Dickinson University

Masters in Administrative Science (MAS) – Human Resource Management

I first got in touch with Malini through a social network site while researching about tertiary education, I had half expected her to respond to me. However, she did answer my text message after few days, as she was on vacation. From then, till now, she has been my guiding light. She advised me on the university I should select which will be beneficial for my career in HR in the future and also give me flexibility to support my family, where to stay, how to find a job and many more surviving skills.

The best was when she offered to pick me from the airport. I was thrilled beyond words to see her and then she took me shopping for basic food items to see me through breakfast.

I initially didn’t trust her much, but as I am getting to know her more (spent a weekend and she took me sightseeing), Malini is a extremely hardworking, dedicated and extremely helpful person. She goes above and beyond to help a person. Her knowledge about immigration, universities, courses and how HR functions in Canada is commendable.

Thank you for being the guiding light in my journey from India to Canada.

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