Peaceful Canada

Canada is once again among the Top 10 most peaceful countries in the world, according to a global survey

Canada is recognized worldwide for its love for hockey and the cold weather but beyond these this great nation has a lot to offer to people looking for greener pastures. One outstanding area, which Canada can boast of, is in the area of peace and security. Canada is blessed with a democratic government dedicated to protecting the lives and welfare of its citizens. It can boast of a government that rewards those who do right and justly enforce the law on perpetrators.

Statistics by the Global Peace Index ranks Canada amongst the top ten safest countries worldwide. Canada’s crime rate is comparatively lower than many other OECD countries. Since 1975 there has been a steady decline in its homicide rate which as of 2011 was 1.73. This index is three times lower than its United States neighbors (4.80). For people who are concerned with personal safety while studying abroad, you need not to worry as Canadian universities provide support services to give you peace of mind while you’re away from home.

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