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Why Should you choose Canada?


    Canadian residents have the right to 60 percent of the last salaries drawn in case of being laid-off from their jobs if they have worked during almost 6 months in Canada up to that point.


    Canadian residents have the right to social assistance subsidies from the government if they are not capable of supporting themselves, or if they are not capable of getting any job.


    Canadian residents have the right in virtue of the Canadian Pension Plan to receive a retirement pension. Depending on the age when they opt for the plan, and is optimum at the age of 65.


    The federal and provincial governments provide a certain amount each month during the upbringing of each child. The amount depends on the income obtained by the parents during the last year.


    This is the best thing you can do to build a better future for your children and for yourself. Education in Canada is free in public schools until the 12th grade.


    The health Care services are available free to all Canadian residents including International Students and Foreign Workers who are registered under the national health insurance program.

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Testimonial Video

Shuby Sharma (India) | Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada | Masters of Global Management


Students testimonials


I am a recent grad from FDU MAS (Masters of Administrative Science) with concentration in Human Resources and Administration. It was a 24 months’ program with awesome faculties. One of the most important usp of FDU is its downtown campus. Well the VPL (Vancouver Public Library) is just a stone throw away from the campus. FDU is located where all the corporate offices are nearby. Good for students to find work opportunities.

Debanjoli Sinha - India
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Masters in Administrative Science (MAS)


I graduated from FDU in December 2016, with a Master’s Degree in Administrative Sciences- Global Leadership. I started my first semester at summer in Vancouver campus. FDU has the option to start your first semester in fall, spring or summer semester. In other universities, you can start from fall only. FDU campus located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, with easy to access via transit. FDU masters is 24-month program and opens a lot of opportunities for people looking to settle in Canada. I met a lot of people from around the world during my study in FDU due to it’s multicultural environment.

Najla Saleh - Jordan
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Masters in Administrative Science (MAS)


I first got in touch with Malini through a social network site while researching about tertiary education, I had half expected her to respond to me. However, she did answer my text message after few days, as she was on vacation. From then, till now, she has been my guiding light. She advised me on the university I should select which will be beneficial for my career in HR in the future and also give me flexibility to support my family, where to stay, how to find a job and many more surviving skills.

Shabana Qasmi - India
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Masters in Administrative Science (MAS)